Communications and Marketing

Advantage communications and Marketing

Programme design

From your brief Advantage will custom design a telemarketing programme tailored to your needs - from script-writing to staff training, call scheduling and through to reporting of results. Calling can be conducted on an ongoing or intermittent basis at whatever schedule you decide.

Professional staff

At Advantage we know that the calibre of telemarketing staff is paramount and can determine the success or failure of any campaign. We spend extra effort locating the best staff. This means that you'll be represented by top quality, well spoken telemarketers, a strong advantage, evident in our consistent success record.


Our work is not over once the calls have been made. Advantage offers a systematic reporting methodology including immediate emailing/faxing of leads, and regular summary reports. The telemarketing supervisor and your Account Manager will keep a close eye on the progress of your calls, and adherence to your specifications.


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